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Thread: Lgb lagging

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    Lgb lagging

    I'm currently runnin lgb 0,9 and it was going fast and great but now is starting to lag to the point its getting frustrated. There has to be a solution or I may have to choose a different rom.

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    the easiest fix would be to wipe data/cache and reset. though i would seriously reccommend sbf'ing back to froyo, installing rooted GB, then flashing liberty or cyanogenmod 7. your quadrant scores will go from about 1700 to 2400-2500 and a ton of other improvement, even battery. i installed justice and CM7 and never looked back
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    I've noticed a lot of lag too. I'll probably be exploring my Rom options over the next week. It seems that Liberty support is just about gone, so not a lot of reasons to stick around.

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