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Thread: What voltage and kernals have you best battery life?

  1. Master Droid
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    Jul 2010
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    What voltage and kernals have you best battery life?

    I am on stock 1ghzand got 13hours moderate use.

    Need your help..
  2. Senior Droid
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    May 2011
    Droid X LB GB .8
    Udervoltaged 1.2ghz. Get 13+hrs

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    Droid X
    Download QuickClock Advanced and let it calibrate that stuff for you. Some phones can't handle much under stock voltage or over stock clock. Others can drop the voltage by 50% or more and overclock 50% or more. Your specific phone is going to be different than everyone else's, so you really should download an app that does all that stuff for you.

    My phone goes down to 9vsel and up to 1562MHz. The three people I know with Droid Xs that tried had vastly different results. One wouldn't go over 1100MHz or under 23vsel. The other two were in the middle. You have to find out for yourself what works best for your phone.
  4. Droid
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    Feb 2011
    Here are my settings and I get about a day and a half out of a full charge with the original battery.

    Slot VSEL
    300 13
    751 36
    1001 49
    1251 64

    Liberty v 0.9 with Imoseyon 7.1

    I was on CM4DX but battery life was not very good.
  5. Junior Droid
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    Jun 2011
    For comparison here is what I run:

    battery saver ->
    Slot VSEL
    300 15
    540 27
    720 37
    900 45

    balanced ->
    Slot VSEL
    300 15
    759 40
    1012 52
    1265 65

    I used quick clock advanced, then tweaked slightly to my tastes. I never use the other profiles, but if I did go with the high speed it calculated, my high slot is 1406 78

  6. Droid
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    Jun 2011
    Motorola Droid X
    I am running Liberty 2.0.1 and use the following settings:
    300 18v
    600 37v
    800 42v
    1000 53v

    Currently I am at 12+ hours with 80% battery left. I have had no reboots or FCs of any kind. Keep in mind that all Droids are different and using quickclock advanced can be easier to find your minimum settings, but I just experimented with various settings until I found one that kept it stable but quick.


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