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Mhead thanks for helping deciphering those heiroglyphics for me haha...ok I tried the overclock app but when I put it on one preset for low voltage and I think the MHZs were 400,700,900, and 1200 but those other numbers that were like 37,43,56,62 <--idk if that's what I put just example..but when I put these in with those MHZ numbersand clicked to start that profile then, it rebooted my phone..what does that mean?
Jrummys OC is kick a$$. when you go into the menu, go to "set scaling frequencies" and choose "low voltage " 1.1 GHZ to start, dont try to set each individual Freq. and voltage yet, let the app. do it. Try each stetting for a day or 2 to see how stable your phone is on that setting. This is the IMPORTANT PART!!! do not set on boot until you have found a Freq. that works well for your phone>