I've been using Liberty 1.5 for about two weeks now, been very happy with it, no complaints at all. Over the last couple of days, I've been noticing some frame skips in games (ie the game freezes for a split second and then goes ahead to where it was supposed to be) every 3-5 seconds. Most of the time, the audio doesn't skip, but every once in a few frame skips it does. The two games I've been playing are Angry Birds and PewPew, but I'm going to test in some more games to see if they're persistent or if it's just those two.

I've been trying to eliminate all possible variables - I removed Advanced Task Killer, removed my widgets (the only widgets I had were SwitchPro, and two Minimalistic Texts, one for the clock and one for the weather) thinking that since those things tend to poll data all the time, that might be causing it. My next step will be to go back and do a fresh install since I'm using Black Juice Gingerbread theme.

Can anyone else offer any insight or ideas? It didn't do this on stock software, and I really don't want to return to that if these frame skips keep up.