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Thread: Can't answer phone/locks & keeps vibrating

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    Can't answer phone/locks & keeps vibrating

    I just updated with a clean install yesterday to 1.5. I have had this issue happen to me twice since I've installed it.

    Phone is asleep, and someone calls. Phone turns on to show sliders, but it's the unlock/mute sliders, not the answer/decline sliders. Also, my background, which you can normally see at the lock screen, isn't there, and neither is the name of the person calling. It's a generic lock screen.

    Nothing I do answers the phone. It sits there and rings, and then goes to voice mail. However, even after the call is finished, it continues to vibrate. Only way I can get it to stop is to pull the battery and reboot.

    I have tried calling the phone while it's asleep myself to see if it happens all the time, and it doesn't, it's intermittent.

    I am running stock Liberty 1.5 with no custom theming or overclocking etc.

    Apps that may be pertinent:

    ADW Launcher

    Adobe Flash Player 10.1

    Beautiful Widgets

    Chrome to Phone

    wp clock (background clock)



    Screebl Pro


    Woot checker

    Pure calendar

    Also, the last weird symptom which may be unrelated but i'll include it anyway, is that sometimes when I pull down the status bar, it'll freeze about half an inch down and won't respond. I have to hit the back button, and do it again before the bar will come all the way down.

    Not being able to answer call is huge.. Any advice?
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    Sbf and redo? Never had this problem

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    Hi. I'm having the exact same problem. This has happened twice already but it happens randomly. I do not have my phone overclocked. Any thoughts or ideas?
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