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Thread: More toollbox...more toollbox...

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    More toollbox...more toollbox...

    The rom, awsome,works great for me, fonts ....good money, the rom feel's good! Like some booty in the club!......but I've had three beautiful widget up dates in the time I got one toolbox update. No news (I guess)is good news but an update would shut me up. Does any one feel how I do? .....ton's of themes(it seems) but no inclusion ...hookup this tool box...give your followers an update, let's " get'er done!"..... Does any one else care? All and any response would be appreciated.
  3. Droid
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    Welp....I really have no clue what the creators are up to for the next version of Liberty Toolbox, so theres really no telling when an update might come.
    HOWEVER, you can always do what I do.....just imagine all kinds of insane dope features in the next version, and that they are working 24hrs a day trying to perfect it.
    By doing this, you can then you can rest assured knowing that it is indeed coming, and WHEN it comes...itll be epic!

    ......just gotta be patient
  4. Senior Droid
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    Well on liberty 1.0 jrummy didnt have the previews written into the the toolbox and then in 1.5 it had theme and font previews. Also added many more of both so knowing him and his great scripts and programming he will be cooking something up good. He isn't going to make anything new for 1.5 (more than likely) because there is no need to if a new version is coming soon. Common sense.
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    You are a funny man chefb. And I wouldn't expect daily updates to the Liberty toolbox. Reason being is JRum is a

    VERY busy guy. It blows my mind he has time, or at least makes time to do what he has already done for this ROM

    and for the help he provides for others. So take a chill pill, relax and take in what is already there. I know new

    stuff is really exciting, but patience my friend
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