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Thread: Reboots

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    Once every day or two I'll hit the power (or any) button on my phone to turn the display on and it won't do anything. I'll hit it a couple times and it won't respond...just a black screen. Sometimes I can see the unlock screen but no backlight. If I wait 60 seconds, it will auto reboot.

    I've run a variety of different ROMs, at least 6 variations and never experienced this problem. I had the same issue with Liberty 1.0 and thought Liberty 1.5 would fix the problem but it still exists.

    This is by far the best ROM I've run on the DX to date and won't leave it even with the reboots but I'd really like to get to the root of the problem.

    Now I haven't seen anyone else with this problem so there's a good chance this is something else causing this but I could use some help diagnosing the problem. If anyone else has experienced this problem, please speak up!
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    I've had identical symptoms with liberty 1.5. Looking for answers too.

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    Any time I have an issue with a rom and that problem is not widespread, I immediately reinstall the rom with no wipes. About 99% of the time this solves the problem.

    Good luck with your issue.

    BTW, if the above doesn't solve the problem and I really want to stick with the rom, I do the reinstall but with wipes (boy I hate to wipe before installations!!).
    Baton Rouge, LA


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