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Thread: Serious Help Needed

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    Serious Help Needed

    So, I use my phone as my main alarm clock. Since I got it, I haven't had issues until this weekend. Friday, I used my phone as an alarm clock with no issues. Monday I used it again, but it just vibrated with no sounds. I chalked it up to the new alarm I created just for Monday. Today, a work day, I woke up to the sound of it vibrating. When I tested the individual system sounds, none demoed. When I went to music, my text tone demoed, but when the alarm time came, it just vibrated. I really need to have my alarm clock working.

    Can anyone help me out?

    Edit: I think I found this issue: under volume, my alarm was completely to the left (no sound). I never changed this myself, and no one touches me phone... How did this setting reset?
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    Try audio manager widget from the market, it lets you control all your sound levels in one place

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    It could have been you turning media volume down if you were listening to something etc...
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    I would try using Gentle Alarm from the Marketplace. It is hands down one of the most reliable Alarms. Plus you can backup your settings so you change ROMS or something like that you don't have to worry about having to set it up again.
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    not sure how you changed the alarm slider....this is the only thing that cannot be controlled by the volume rocker. pretty sure you physically have to go in and slide it to the left. that is weird. do you have a "silence camera sounds" app on your phone...because i know the camera sound is considered the alarm.

    FWIW, i use "Night Clock donate" from the market with the motorola dock and i have never had an issue. but i think this was more of a fluke than the app you are using to set your alarm. i also use the audio manager widget so that i can see my alarm sounds are not off just by looking at the widget.
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