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Thread: Liberty Settings ->Start-up Settings

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    Liberty Settings ->Start-up Settings

    I was doing some exploring and I found these options

    I haven't changed anything, but what do they do?

    Zipalign system apps (unchecked)
    Zipalign data apps (checked)
    free memory (should I use? I don't really notice my phone slowing down)
    Clear Cache (unchecked)
    Fix Permissions (unchecked)

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    zipalign is a method of aligning archives basicly optimizing them your setting tell it to zipalign data apps which are basicly apps you download from the market zipalign system apps with optimize the ones in /system/app (normaly all the system apps). you can have it do that on each boot if you want. if you change the system apps a lot then you can check that option but its generaly not needed if you dont change your system apps. this will slow down boot but by how much depends on how many apps and if they have already been aligned already

    free memory i wouldent worry to much about this i dont have it checked but thats not to say it doesnt help.

    clear cache i belive clears your data cache which i think are all your settings.

    fix permissions is a script that runs to sort of fix the permissions of resource files it helps to fix force closes and its not really needed if you dont change apps very often. i belive it does help but this will increase your boot time by a lot if it needs to fix a lot of packages.
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