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Thread: 2 questions

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    2 questions

    I moved to this phone from the thunderbolt and there are 3 things i miss that i hope someone can help me get back:
    1. The keyboard i used to have on the thunderbolt had arrows so i could move the cursor more easily. Now i have to use my fingers in the txt box and its difficult to get it in the right spot. Ive looked at other keyboards but they are all very gimmicky with swyping etc. I just want that good ol' keyboard.
    2. The little boxes on top of gmail, like the button u need to press to expand the options like "forward", are tiny now and hard to press. Everything was bigger on the thunderbolt. How do i make everything bigger? The only thing i figured out was making the txt in gmail's txt box bigger, but thats not enough.
  3. Droid
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    LG Spectrum
    I've used the default keyboard, and SwiftKey 3, but I'm beginning to find that using Swype is actually faster. Give it some time, and it might work out for you.

    I can't respond to the arrow keys for moving the cursor, nor the Gmail buttons.
    LG VS920 (Spectrum by LG) running CyanogenMod 10.1.3-RC2
  4. jet
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    Swype is wonderful. You will get used to it if you try. There, to get the arrows you swipe from the info button at the bottom left to the symbol key (bottom, second to the left). to get back just touch the ABC key.

    For the gmail, just push the reply key and it will open the editor. There is a dropdown box at the top where you can select Reply (default), Replay All or Forward.
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  5. Droid Newbie
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    thanks for replying. ill get used to the stock keyboard bc i dont like swype.

    as for the gmail issue, my problem was not getting to the forward button. i was just asking if there was a way to make all of that bigger. the buttons and words, etc, are all so small as compared to the thunderbolt.


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