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Thread: WIFI Connectivity issues..

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    WIFI Connectivity issues..

    Hello all,
    My wife has a Spectrum 2 that is a replacement for her Stratosphere, which after the third time of failing to function at all, i launched into the stratosphere. Hated that phone. Anyway, we got internet at home with WIFI, she and i were able to connect no problem. I have a Galaxy Nexus. We had no problems setting things up and it worked fine for about 4 months. About a month ago, her phone stated having problems connecting at home. It would ask for the password, and start going through the authenticating process, and never connect. I tried deleating that wifi connection on her phone and setting it up again from new, would not connect. Mine still connects no problem. We have not changed anything with the service or router or anything like that. She can connect at all the other places she connected before, no problem (like at work, restraunts, etc). Any idea what i should look for? It's killing my data plan, as she is quite a heavy user at home. Used to have unlimited data, but Verizon boned me... another issue all together...

    Thanks for any help!
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    I have a link in my sig with some connection suggestions but my first 2 would be to a) restart the router and b) try with no security long enough to see if that's a part of the problem. Some Android devices tend to prefer WPA/WPA2 TKIP for the security. That would/should work for all devices.
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    Same things id suggest. Routers can do weird things when they need reset, such as not let just one device connect. I have two access points with different security on each, because some devices may have trouble with one, so i just connect to the other. No security is a great way to troubleshoot, if that works, try another type of security.

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