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Thread: LG Revolution After A Month

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    LG Revolution After A Month

    It's been a month since I began using this LG Revolution and so I think its about time I share my feelings about it.

    The LG Revolution was introduced alongside the LG Black and so when I originally requested to test it out I thought it would have a great feeling in hand like the Black was reported to have, well I was slightly let down. The phone weights 178 grams and is 13mm thick. The phone is made out of some plastic material that LG designed to look metal, and to be honest, it foiled me. The phone doesn't have the premium feel hefty phones usually have, nor does it feel super heavy, so I have a love hate relationship with the phone. This phone is certainly not the thinnest phone, it's the same size as the Evo4G and my T-Mobile G2 that has a keyboard, but it does have some pretty awesome hardware inside. The screen on the revolution is the biggest highlight of all; 4.3 inch LCD with near blinding brightness levels. This display is also very responsive, having near instant results with every touch of the screen, I was left impressed by the quality I experienced. This phone runs on a single core 1GHz processor, but I wouldn't be shocked if someone said it was dual core. The phone is very speedy and after a month of use, I still experience very little lag.
    The Camera on this bad boy is pretty incredible, taking quality pictures with a fairly quick shooter speed. The front facing camera is just as incredible with video chats being so clear people could see the blemishes in my face.
    Hardware wise this phone is pretty incredible inside, but the outside hardware leaves a lot to be desired. Considering phones with similar or better specifications are up to 5 mm thinner, I wonder if LG honestly couldn't put all this in a smaller body.

    The software on this phone is much better than the Droid Charge and features less lag than the Thunderbolt. The home screen has very minimal software addition and so you're getting a near lag free home screen that still have a really nice weather clock, picture viewer, and more all included.
    Software enhancements like the once LG included in the Camera app makes this phone a great picture editor. I've never seen a phone come with this many settings for improving your picture output, and suprisingly it's very simple and has made this my favorite phone to use for pictures. Other applications like the integrated Facebook and Twitter put the social world at your finger tips. The browser, SMS, and every other software LG included all had a very snappy feel to them, and that's great optimization on LG's part.

    Software wise this phone is incredible, hardware wise, this phone is badly presented. If this was to be thinner, made better use of it's LTE capability (slowest LTE phone I've used so far), and maybe had a more radiant display, I would call it the perfect phone... Sadly that's not the case.

    Recommend this? Yes I would if you don't mind having a thick phone that isn't the fastest LTE device.

    Droid Charge Vs. LG Revolution

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    What are you using for video chat with the FFC? I haven't been able to find anything that works.
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    I've seen a few posts about the revolution 4g speed bring slow. I get about 18-20 Mbps down, 6-8 up with 4-5 bars of signal. About 25% less speed with 3 bars. To me, thats pretty darn fast for a phone data plan. In fact, for the first two weeks I had my phone, vzw was giving free use of the 4g hot spot. I was able to download all my updates for my windows and linux machines, averaging 2 megabytes per second download. That was faster than my friends comcast internet rated at 18 megabits. Anyhow, I don't see any issues with 4g on this phone. Maybe its the area you are in, whereas I'm in the portland oregon metro. I'm very happy with this phone as it replaced my motorola droid 2 global that was problem after problem. Went through 3 phones in 7 months. So far this one has proven excellent, aside from battery charging times and battery life. But I was warned about that from vzw reps as a known issue, which I just keep an extra battery for.


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