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Thread: Couple of things I miss about my BlackBerry

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    Couple of things I miss about my BlackBerry

    I've had the revolution for about a month so far and I love it. Especially after I rooted it and put in a debloated ROM.

    However there are a few things that my old BB storm did very well that I have not been able to figure out how to replicate on the revolution. Hopefully some one here can suggest something.

    #1 on my hit parade is that with the BB I could set the ringer/notification at night to be silent (no vibration etc...) unless it was a phone call coming in. I have not been able to duplicate that functionality so far. Is there a way of doing this?

    #2 that I'd like to see is the functionality of the Storm's keyboard. I loved being able to press the number button and have the number pad show up for just 1 number then revert back to the alpha keypad. A long press would keep the number pad up until the press was made to revert to alpha.
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    For #1 you can create a custom shortcut that goes directly to Sound Settings then tap volume, uncheck "use incoming call volume for notifications" then you have a volume control for everything independently and you can turn everything down to 0 that you don't want to sound off while you're sleeping so that only calls ring through. Could be an app that allows you to create a profile for that as well, i've never looked for one though.

    As for #2, i think you're asking for an option to call up the dial pad? If you use Swype, you have the option to long press w/o changing to symbols to get one number. Personally i use Swype all the time. Takes a little getting used to but i can now text faster with it.
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    For #2 try the "better keyboard" app. You'll love it!
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    for number one, there are plenty of options. i personally use Tasker. it is a $6 app though. but it is fantastic. at 10:30 on week days, i have it dim the display, turn off all sound except alarm and incoming calls, and open the app "screen filter" to dim the display even more.
    i also have about 15 other profiles set up to do various things (turn on wifi when i get within 200 meters of my house, turn BT on and change volumes for everything when i get close to work, GPS on when maps or anything else needs it) it is a fantastic app.

    however audio manager pro has audio profiles that you can set with just one tap. quick and easy.


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