Hi everyone I do have a few questions and I'm gonna bounce around a lot so bare with me. 1 is on this phone is it capable of group texting or do I have to get an app. Plus did anyone ever try the Verizon app text from Verizon app? 2nd can anyone tell me how to retrieve pics that was eaters from the external we card I think that's what I did. See I had hide it pro. Great app for hiding a lot of pics video etc. I tried to follow the links in that app and I guess I messed up. No rooting don't even know what that is. Lol. 3Rd any good apps you can recommend for me. PS also secretive places to go to chat or sext with women around that are not paid sites or Twitter or FB. Something good or just came out. Come on I really can't be the only person that keeps it real. Thanks don't judge