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Thread: Verizon is not listening to me...

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    Verizon is not listening to me...

    I've had problems with my Ally since I got it, but a few days ago I tried to make a phone call and realized that I had no sound at all on my phone. I took my phone to Verizon and explained what was going on with my phone. The sound didn't work, it will just spazz and not work, maps continuously runs and drains my battery...etc. Three people that work at verizon told me that the reason my Ally didn't work is because the processor is not big enough to properly run the android system. All they could do was send me a new phone, but when i got the replacement it didn't work either. I have sound now, but it doesn't run right, my navigation system doesn't even open, every 5 minutes I get a notice that says "SD card unexpectedly removed. Preparing SD card". I've been battling Verizon for 5 days now and they refuse to help me since I'm not eligible for an upgrade until march of 2012. Aside from the people that told why my phone doesn't work, no one at Verizon will listen to me. One guy was actually very rude to me tonight and treated me like an idiot. I'm at a loss for what to do. Anyone have any ideas for dealing with Verizon or does anyone have any of these problems?
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    Don't try to deal with the folks at a store. Call tech service. And be nice. They will get you a phone that works. The Ally will run Android. Whoever told it wasn't is an idiot.
    Baton Rouge, LA
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    My daughter has an Ally. A month or so back she had a no sound problem. Called VZW, national number (did not go to a store). They had me power cycle, pull batt, hard reset, all which I had already done, but I played along. Nothing changed, so they sent me a new one. It works great. None of the issues you describe.

    Sounds like you got a bad replacement. Call and get that one replaced
    Deep Thought #1
    How does Verizon sell phones at their own stores? Any phone they sell, can be found for 50% to 75% less on Amazon, or at Best Buy. Does Verizon operate their stores on a "there is a sucker born every minute" business model?
    Deep Thought #2
    Is Verizon's customer service philosophy: frustrate, aggravate, and exasperate, these annoying interruptions to our day, will eventually go away?
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    Start documenting communication.

    Answer this question for yourself: "What solution to this problem can Verizon offer that will please me."

    Then answer this: "Is anyone truly capable of granting that solution?"

    Now let them know how they can help you. Sometimes it's easy to forget that the customer service rep has limited capabilites. Especially when it comes to solving tech problems. Politely help them to help you. Remember if there was a fix to your problem it might have been solved here right? The CSR at the store does not spend as much time in these forums reading about your device as you do. But that's okay.

    Help them to help you.

    So tell me Future Boy, who's President of The United States in 1985?
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    Wow i haven't had any problems and hope i don't.


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