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Thread: CyanogenRob

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    This is all just my opinion, but I don't see how anyone can still support this ROM. I used to swear by it until one of their team members screwed "10,000 to 50,000" people out of a buck on the market. I could care less about my dollar but the fact that this is happening causes my to doubt the entire teams integrity. I for one would boot someone off my team in the blink of an eye if they were hampering the goal of supporting what I consider to be a great community of people. The community has responded to situations far more petty than someone ripping people off. Why all the love and blindness with this situation? The least this person could do is admit his mistake, tell us we are SOL, and move on. A reply to everyones' emails wouldn't hurt either. I would really like to give CM a try again some day but for me, one bad apple is spoiling the whole bunch. I know many people won't even finish reading this rant, but just wanted to speak my mind.

    As far as Google goes, it seems like many are flagging it, I personally do daily, but that has not changed anything.

    I expect this might get moderated. My intention is not to slander someone, but to educate users and/or hear other peoples opinions on this matter.

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    While I certainly respect everyones opinions js0724's I'm going to have to close this one down due to obvious reasons.

    Respectfully I would suggest that you take your issues up with the team in their IRC or their website.



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