okay if you read my other post my 4g wasnt working on my phone but i got it fixed i needed a new 4g sim card thing.

when it was getting fixed i restored the phone, Ex: Erasing everything and all settings

I downloaded OpenGarden Wifi Teather App from market again
Im on my laptop with my phones wifi and i went to speed test and it came up

i did 5 tests, each 2 mins apart

1. 5.34
2. 1.82
3. 5.19
4. 2.30
5. 2.01

Yesterday before all my 4G issue it would always come out above 9.
most the time 10 but some times 9.

Why did it get so slow?

I do recall that when i first rooted my phone last month there was some app or somthing that i was messing with to change the speed of something. I smoke weed 24.7 i forgot everything that i do lmfao

could any one tell me how this could be fixed or how i was changing the speed