It depends. I've never really paid attn. I charge my phone before bed every night. It always is 3/4 drained by the end of the night. However, I also connect to WIFI whenever I'm able... Which is mostly at work or home. I keep my display dimmed at one bar. I also text quite a bit and check a few websites for Fantasy Football. I rarely play games, but I do have quite a bit.

I'm suspicious that something I've downloaded is taxing my battery. I don't know how to check outside of the "what's draining your battery feature". I used to use a Task Mgr but stopped because at that time, my original TBolt was buggy and crashed a lot. When I got my new one I didn't install the Task Mgr. I can't recall the name... But it was one that was recommend.

A trusty battery pull always seems to help though.

I also don't want to lose any apps I've purchased and want to make sure I am as prepared as possible before rooting. I'm sure if i do decide to root, all this will be described ahead of time.

There are just so many differnet ways to root, different sources, etc. I don't know who to trust or the most used method that works. Any advise is appreciated.


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