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Thread: Screen protectors?

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    Screen protectors?

    I have a matte protector on my phone and I'm thinking about getting a clear one but I have a few questions because this is my last one left. If I'm going to take it off and buy new ones I want it to be worth it.

    First, does the matte protector distort the screen? I don't remember what the TB was like before, but the screen right now just seems blurry sompared to say an evo.

    Second, does the matte tend to lessen screen sensitivity? It seems o have to retype my pin number a lot of some keys just don't activate while others do

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    The clear ones are way better, yes the other ones make the screen blurry, not sure about the sensitivity. Also, their only like $12 a pack...

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  4. Junior Droid
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    I have a steinheil clear protector and it is excellent. It covers the entire glass surface, not just the viewing area. They come in several options,crystal, anti-glare, ect.; are easy to install, and appear to be durable. Google them to find out more info.
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    I used to swear by Zagg. After carrying the phone in my pocket for a day or two, the corners started not adhering very well. I went through the replacement process and can say they are very good about it. However when I recently noticed another corner starting to come up a little, I pulled the protector off. This phone has gorilla glass after all. So far I have not regretted it, I even think the screen is more responsive (I've never not had a protector on my phone). Of course I am only a couple of months away from an upgrade too so maybe that is contributing to my throw caution to the wind attitude.
  6. Droid Ninja
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    I had the matte. Took it off. It definitely reduces quality! I took mine off and put nothing on it's better like this I think. This phone doesn't get fingerprints a lot they clean right off..
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    I also swear by zagg. Super cheap on amazon. Lifetime guarantee. If your screen gets damaged of whatever their protector is protecting gets ruined they'll replace it for you. It definitely protects...I have a 2 year old and every phone I've had I put one on and the screens are flawless

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