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Thread: Unlimited data over Thursday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksantron View Post
    I just left my local verizon store. I went in just to ask questions regarding the changes taking place tomorrow. Dude said that basically I know more than they do and technically they "aren't allowed to speak about it until tomorrow."
    That sounds to me like they know more than they are letting on. Just that they have been told not to say anything. This is pretty much standard operating procedure. In an article that appeared on Yahoo about working at an Apple store, it was mentioned that as an Apple store employee, even mentioning an upcoming Apple product before it has been officially announced by the company is grounds for dismissal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksantron View Post
    I inquired about tethering and expressed my displeasure with not being able to use my phone as advertised without the risk of exorbitant charges.
    While you may debate the carrier's right to charge extra for tethering, at least Verizon is going to offer unlimited tethering for one price. No other carrier offers that.
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    Ok I went to the store and I can get this really cheap phone, well it's free Citrus Set Your Location Anyways they told me that I can get a new phone but not use as an upgrade when another phone I want comes out. I would have to buy the next phone for the full retail price. So I'm deciding if I should go ahead and get the TB now or just stay with ATT and get the SG2 when it comes out. Oh well this is what I get for not staying up to date with Verizon's data tier.

    Edit: btw they did confirm that you will still be grandfathered in if and when you go from 3g to 4g.
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