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Thread: Will Best Buy Replace my Phone for This?

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    Will Best Buy Replace my Phone for This?

    Hello thar!

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience dealing with Best Buy and their insurance program. I got my Thunderbolt on launch day and bought the $10 a month insurance program to go along with it. I also bought a screen protector that they pre-installed for me (cost $8 for installation).

    Unfortunately, I have not been the best care-taker of my Thunderbolt. I thought it would be fine for my Thunderbolt to go commando in the world (no case) and because of that, the aesthetics of the phone has suffered.

    The kickstand is peeling and has a number of scratch marks, there quite a few scruff marks where the paint has been chipped, and the battery cover is a bit squeaky (when you push on it, it makes a plastic sound, not sure if that is normal). The main thing is the kickstand peel and the paint chips.

    My question is if Best Buy would give me a new phone, a refurbished phone, or tell me to go home?. I have already purchased a case to prevent future damage. I am hoping for a fresh start with my Thunderbolt :P.

    Thanks in advance!
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    well what does your insurance cover? i mean i dont think that they will replace it for wear n tear personally but whos to say. this is my thought on it. i would assume they would replace if you broke it or something like that. maybe you should break it .

    you know, my kickstand is peeling too and my thunderbolt has never gone commando > which is annoying cause it shouldnt be peeling and i dont know why it is. i only got it two months ago. its not like the kickstand rubs up against anything .. but im not sure about your problem but im almost positive its if it breaks or something goes wrong with it. can you call them to find out for sure so you dont have to drive all the way there? but then again you might get a different answer if you just go there instead of doing via phone.

    i guess just give it a shot right? what you got to lose


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