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Thread: On off button

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    On off button

    Im taking a hard look at purchasing the Thunderbolt but I have a couple of questions. First, the on off button looks kinda small and not raised at all. Does anyone have problems with turning the screen on and off. Second is about the glass. Ive read all of the posts about whether or not its gorilla glass and there seems to be a lot of conflicting answers. A buddy has a tbolt that has some pretty bad scratches on it but I dont know if they are the result of "normal" use or if he dropped it. Has anyone got any scratches as a result of just run of the mill use say like keys, change, or earrings and etc? Thanks

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    The on/off button is ok. I had an iPhone and there is no comparison love the iPhones on/off button. I had the tb for about a month or so once you get used to the on off button its ok.

    I had my phone in my pocket no issues I then decided to put a screen protector on just in case sedio makes a nice screen protector or big red has some just get clear ones not the aniglare bs.

    The tb is the real iPhone killer had an Droid x before gave it to my office mgr the tb is a keeper.
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