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Thread: Old software to stop random reboots.

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    Old software to stop random reboots.

    I'm on the phone with a Verizon manager right now regarding the continuong random reboots. He just informed me that in approximately 24 to 48 hours from now Verizon is going to push back to us the original Thunderbolt software so that the random reboots will quit. He said he didn't know if the gps fix would be put in the old software but he doubts it. He was going to send me a new phone from the warehouse, I asked him if thoes phones have the new software from the factory. After checking he found out that they didn't. Anthony (the manager I'm Speaking of) then called HTC to see if they had any answers. He said the guy knew what's going on but he couldn't say anything. Anthony say he is sorry but there is nothing he can do, but he will call me back Monday after the old software is pushed out. BAD FORM VERIZON/HTC, BAD FORM!!!

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    Wow, It's getting deep....Since when has a VZW Manager known anything above his paygrade?
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    Must be fielding a lot of those calls.
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    Wow I not saying that is true or not, but I do not see them pushing.out old.software. because you have people who are not experiencing reboots so why put old software on their phones. They could put the old ruu but it would require root access or people to tamper with installing the software via bootloader. I do not think vzw want to go down that road. I see them pushing a fix but I expect it to be 2 to 3 weeks before they push that.

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    Will we be forced to downgrade or can we ignore it? I have not had a single reboot, and my battery life and GPS are GREATLY improved. I do not want to go back.
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    Not sure if you'll are aware of this or not but I did find a fix for the random rebooting.... And is working on 6 other thunderbolts as well .. my phone started the crazy reboot deal, I went onto to the bootloader screen (vol down + pwr) clicked on recovery, cleared the cache, did a data reset (within recovery menu) , cleared the cache one more time after data reset and the phone is working perfect. Did this same procedure on 6 other TB'S and they all had same the same results... Hope this helps


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