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Thread: IF you had a new TB

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    Question IF you had a new TB

    So I would like to know from all you who have had the TB if there is anything you would of done if it was new again??

    I am getting mine tomorrow, I have every intention of rooting the TB when I get it. I will be using my macbook pro OSX. That said, is it better to root straight away or should I wait?? Is the process different because it is a new phone? Do I need to back up a new phone before rooting? To be honest, my reasons for rooting are for free mobile hotspot (but I read VZ is free anyways), but more importantly better battery management.

    I have searched and have found numerous threads on rooting off a macbook. I cannot get to the frytech site, it only brings me to the Youtube vid and everything but the video is grayed out for some reason. I did see in his video, a link to another youtube video that has the links I apparently need.

    How long does the root process take? I hacked my palm pre with no issues so I am pretty confident I can root a TB.

    Off topic, is there going to be a inductive charging cover offered, I would like to still use my Touchstone for my pre if possible, it takes the same micro USB....

    Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.
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    I use an extended battery, setcpu and set screen off profiles to 500-600.

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    the mobile hotspot is free untill sumtime next month then there is a charge for it, im not sure how much tho...as far as rooting goes it wasnt a long process and i rooted mine as soon as root was ready, i have windows7 not mac so not sure if its a different process or not...
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    I rooted mine a couple days after getting it. I wanted to do my research on how to root before I jumped in. I did the long step by step method instead of doing the 3 step process so it took me a little over an hour. (Plus it was my first time ever rooting a phone so I took causion to every step).I wouldn't do anything different.
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