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Thread: Thunderbolt vs fascinate

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    Quote Originally Posted by xeene View Post
    Compared to my previous Droid x, thunderbolt has a much better reception and gps.

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    Good to know! Thanks for that.

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    Thunderbolt vs Fascinate

    I bought a Thunderbolt and a Fascinate last week, I had several issues with the TB and all was good with the F. I returned the TB for a new one (speaker was crackling, it was killing my battery in 3 hours and that was only when making 3 calls checking email twice and no surfing! That was AFTER I reduced power usage by performing some basic housekeeping... After receiving new one, things were good for about an hour and a half, then I couldnt get online at all, while the fascinate was getting online no problem. The device keeps having to be rebooted after installation of apps, and in general has been a pain in the ass, when it works, its fine but, I couldnt get online all day today with the TB, then tonight it started working but very slow, and it wouldnt even go online with my wifi and we have verizon fios
    I may get the fascinate if this crap continues....the reason I got the TB in the first place was its supposed to be 4x faster than 3g............when it works.........BTW, I live ina very good 4g area.....................FRUSTRATING!!
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    Maybe trade in the tb for a Droid Charge. It will be a little slower than tb, but may be more dependable. It has the same internals as fascinate just about, but has 4g and hdmi mirroring. People are having alot of problems with the tb right now.

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    Don't go Samsung.

    Update to the ota in RUU thread. Better battery life.Gps.reboots resolved

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    Yah don't do Samsung I had a fascinate nothing but problems plus they don't update there software they just got froyo a couple months ago while everybody else had it for months I love my thunderbolt

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