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Thread: OG Droid users, how's the voice quality on the TB?

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    OG Droid users, how's the voice quality on the TB?

    I rock an OG and was thinking of the TB. However, there is something i found lacking in most all reviews i have seen. The OG was a champ for holding a signal in even the most rugged places where other phones would drop calls. It also provided a very nice call quality where those on the other end hear you clearly. Below is part of a review from BGR posted a week ago:

    Voice quaily is decent on the ThunderBolt, but not great. As far as the ear speaker is concerned, I’m not a fan of what HTC delivered on its handsets in this regard recently, and that includes the EVO 4G. These phones are always uncomfortable to talk with, and some even sound like you’re talking on a tin can. Unfortunately, the ThunderBolt falls into that category for me. I would have loved the ear speaker to be a tad lounder in certain environments, and additionally, calls just didn’t sound that clear to me. Callers on the other end weren’t overly impressed with the quality of voice calls either, and some went as far as to use particularly colorful language to describe the audio quality. I’ll spare you the details.

    Is it really that bad?? Can the TB hold on to a signal even in the most rugged places?
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    I find the calls sound Much clearer with the Thunderbolt than when I had my OG Droid. For the first time ever on a cell phone I had to turn the volume DOWN during a call!

    I'm in a 4G area and have great reception, no dropped calls at all. The one and only time I dropped down to a 3G signal was while I was grocery shopping at Stop&Shop, for some reason It's a dead zone in there with my Droid and Bolt dropped out of 4G, but still made a call with no problems.

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    This is my first smartphone but call quality is a good as any phone I've had before. And signal strength is a little better than my Sansung Trance.
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    Came from an original Droid as well. Voice quality is excellent but I will give it to MOTO ...my old Droid did hold on to a signal better in my building. But then again some parts of my building are behind wall after wall of cinder block so still not bad. I'm surprised the the MOTO even had a signal.

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