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Thread: Does Thunderbolt come with SIM card

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkjellgren View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen View Post
    I purchased my Thunderbolt from Best Buy and had to purchase the sim card separately. I think it was $19.
    You got taken for a ride then...I also purchased mine at best buy, first think they did was pop a sim card in it...

    To answer the original question, yes, the tbolt requires a sim to work (not just for 4g, the phone won't work at all without it, 3g included). If I'm reading your question right however, I dont think that's what you're asking. The way I read it, you're wondering, since you are purchasing it from "a guy" and not from a store whether or not you will need your own sim for your account or whether the sim that came with his tbolt will work on your line. Basically, if the tbolt has not yet been activated, the sim that is included will be identical to one you would get were you to have one put in at the VZW store. You'll need to go into the store and have them activate it for you. If the included sim has been activated previously on the other hand, you will need a new sim as that sim has already been associated with a phone number. I hope I understood that correctly...

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    THis was what i was asking. He activated it w// a sim but doesnt want the tb anymore so hes giving it to me. So i need to take the tb to a vz store and have them give me a new sim?

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    Yes. You need to get a sim activated on your account. As it sounds, it'll cost you $20. Each sim is exclusive to a persons individual number, just like on gsm networks. If you get a new phone, pop the sim in and its activated on your number...I understand the confusion though. Cdma networks do things completely differently, LTE, though is different.

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