Why is my battery so hit or miss?
Some days it seems fine-ish.. can last 10-12 hours. Today, and a couple of other times, it has been off the charger (supposedly fully charged) for 3 hours now. I had one 5 minute call and looked at 2 texts I received, didn't text back and got one call that went to VM.
Phone says voice calls have used 43% of battery and display 20%, cell standby 12% and phone idle 11%.
I don't have any apps running, email checks every hour, other syncs once a day. Display brightness less than 20%.
Anyone have any suggestions? (Note I am somewhat phone illiterate, dont' "root" or anything like that.) I am so tired of having to take my charger with me since I never know when it is going to die all of sudden. Also, I have not downloaded any new apps in several weeks and this issue is still off and on.