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Thread: Significant Batter Loss from Reboot???

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    Significant Batter Loss from Reboot???

    So I've noticed lately that when I reboot my phone towards the end of the day (usually less that 50%) battery remaining, I lose a significant percentage of battery after the reboot. Example: Just now I was at 32% rebooted to check if some people were correct in the 4G network coming back online, and after the reboot the meter showed 15%.

    I know this is probably a problem with the battery meter reading the battery but how would I fix this?

    Thunderbolt tamed by root

    Das BAMF 2.0-5
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    I'm not rooted but I have also had the same experience. I'm curious as to if its a battery meter problem or if rebooting the phone really uses that much power?

    As a side note, when I do restart my Thunderbolt, it takes at least a minute plus to get off the clouds screen after the boot animation. What's up with that? (I know there is a Fast Boot option, but I don't think a normal start up should take that long.. reminds me of when I had a PC with Windows XP and the loooonng start up time.
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    I notice it as well, however I also notice that after doing so the phone will stay on that battery percentage for a while before it starts to go down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geoff5093 View Post
    I notice it as well, however I also notice that after doing so the phone will stay on that battery percentage for a while before it starts to go down.
    Mine does the same. Probably a problem reading the battery.


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