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Thread: Battery experience, user since day one

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    Battery experience, user since day one

    I've had the Thunderbolt since the day it came out. I came from a Droid x which I didn't think was great on battery. At first the Thunderbolt sucked battery like crazy. I would charge it twice a day. I continued to us it and experiment with what was best for battery. I've gotten to the point now where I was unplugged for 12 hours and I had 50% battery left. Definitely not bad at all, even better than my Droid x. I currently use auto brightness, 1 minute screen timeout. I use switchpro to Toggle bluetooth, gps etc and keep them off except when I need them. The three most significant things I did that I noticed bettery battery were downloading juice defender. Logging out of Facebook for sense and just using the Facebook for Android Application instead. And recently downloading launcher pro. Launcher pro seems to have made the biggest difference. My battery is at 50-60% when I leave work now whereas before I'd be at 30-40% battery around 2pm before I had launcher pro and juice defender. I use 3 screens with about 4 widgets total. I don't use a task killer... I have zd box running to monitor battery and I just think it's a good application to have. I also downloaded Lte on/off and have 4g off since I don't have 4g anyway. Can't think of anything else. Overall good battery life for the Thunderbolt. Can't expect more than 24 hours from a phone with a 4.3 inch screen.

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    I had my TB for 1 day now and the battery hardly lasts me 6 hours without having to charge it. I hope it gets better, im gonna try to run it all the way down then fully charge it with the phone off.
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    So you use juice defender or you found that it is worse for your battery?

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