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Thread: Reboot causes significant drop in battery percentage reading

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    Reboot causes significant drop in battery percentage reading

    Pretty much what he title says I have noticed that when I reboot my phone the battery % drops significantly for instance today I was at 88% then rebooted and it came back up it was reading 74%. I have had the issue with both regular and extended battries. FYI I am rooted and running das BAMF 1.4 I saw this mentioned inside another thread and was wondering if this was something that a lot if users are experiencing and wether it happens on non rooted phones as well

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    It happens on unrooted phones as well. I'm not convinced the battery meter even knows what percentage of the battery is left. I've seen mine stuck at 20% for longer than it took to get from full to 20%.

    A reboot does use some additional power, though and I'm thinking it's a combination of poor metering and the extra power needed for the reboot.
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    Yeah, if this doesn't prove to you that the battery meter reading is a load of <cough> I don't know what will. Ever since I got this phone on the release date, every time you boot, you lose about 10-15% battery. Now that I'm rooted with roms claiming to have a more accurate battery reading meter - I still have around 5-8% loss when I reboot. Just enjoy the phone and charge it when you can.

    Like jdk2 said - it's incredibly inaccurate. This is my experience too - the battery will drain in like crazy but then last 10+ hours at 30% or 40%.
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    I got 17hrs out of single charge (30% left too).. moderate usage.. phones calls, txting.. light browsing, emails coming in (gmail app)..

    stock battery, not rooted, LTE enabled... no twitter, no facebook, just general usage.. i am pleased with the battery on this phone... phew, i thought it was gonna be bad.


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