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Thread: Cyclic Rebooting After Moving Apps to SD

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    Cyclic Rebooting After Moving Apps to SD

    Hello, all.

    I've recently used App2SD Pro to move a whole bunch of applications to my Rezound's internal SD space to clear up some room in the phone's memory. I was careful not to move anything that App2SD Pro indicated as "questionable" or had any other goofy need to be on the phone's direct memory.

    As a result, my phone now reboots over and over again. It reaches the launcher screen, hangs out for a bit, gets some widgets up and running, then it's curtains until the next reboot.

    Like I said, I was careful not to move anything that was, to my knowledge, associated with a widget, a critical process, or any other such nonsense. Most of the stuff I moved consisted of apps that are only used occasionally or for reference purposes. It is my suspicion that it has something to do with Android trying to start up some B.S. app in the background and not finding it where it expected to or something stupid like that. If that is the case, I really wish that the folks who develop Android would quit designing it to start random apps in the background. I was never sure what the purpose of that was to begin with.

    Anyway, now that the damage is done, does anyone here know of a way to use the logcat to determine which app(s) is/are causing the crash and reboot? I know how to access the log, but I've never been particularly adept at reading it.

    Any help that anyone could lend here would be great.

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    I have seen this before, App2SD and HTC Sense do not play well together... Got into a similar situation with my Incredible 2 a couple years ago, and unfortunetly, the fix was a a factory default via hboot. The firmware has the ability to move most apps to the sdcard but not in the same way that app2sd does, probably why it doesn't cause a problem. I haven't tried App2SD since that incident.


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