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Thread: Should I wait to file insurance claim on my Rezound?

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    Should I wait to file insurance claim on my Rezound?


    I love my Rezound but I dropped it the other day and got a fine crack running across the top of the screen. It also left me with a very small dead spot on the screen but other than that it works fine. I know eventually it will drive me crazy and I'll want to replace for the $99 fee. But I am wondering when I should do it. I fell into my pool with me Droid Inc a couple years ago and Asurion sent the Droid inc 2 as a replacement. Since the Rezound has been out awhile, should I hold out until the replacement option is possibly slightly better? Or will they have tons of refurbs laying around and it really doesn't matter at all? Any opinions?

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    They're going to have a ton of refurbs hanging around. If you're looking to get a new phone, I would say get your replacement from Asurion. Buy a new phone immediately and sell the Asurion replacement on Ebay, Swappa, or Craigslist. Sometimes you can get lucky and talk the agent into a "free" upgrade but it's less likely than you getting the same handset model or one they consider comparable.
    Helpful Rezound Links:
    Guide to Unlocking, Rooting, ROM'ing, and FAQ

    Did you know: You can upgrade your Rezound to ICS without rooting?

    Fun Rezound Fact: The antennas for the Rezound are in the battery cover.

    Don't forget to backup your flash player install before they remove it from the Android Market.

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    I don't see the point of paying so much for insurance if there's still going to be a deductible, so I never get it.

    That being said, I've had to replace my Droid X due to a WARRANTY issue, and Verizon swapped it out for a brand new Droid X2 no problem. It was a few days shy of the one year mark from when I originally got it I believe.

    The difference hear was the Droid X2 had already fully replaced the Droid X, and I checked last night and the Rezound is still in stock :-\

    I hope to be able to upgrade if I ever have an issue with my current phone, but I would out it off until the Rezound is no longer available, possibly not even as refurbished because that's what they usually issue WARRANTY replacements.

    I love the Rezound, there's nothing out right now that I'd really be willing to trade it for though. (I'd suggest trying to talk them into the phone you want if you have a phone in mind, just have a good case and be polite lol)
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    i had an incredible 2 that had a bad pixel in the camera. I dealt with it for months. then about 3 weeks before the normal warranty expired, I went to exchange it. Told me they were out and I had to get a Stratosphere as replacement. I disagreed and eventually, after arguing my point and specs, got a REzound free.

    Yes you could wait, but then there is always a chance that are still in stock.
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