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Thread: Vibrate

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    My vibrate has slowly went dead over about a months time. ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sublimewade View Post
    My vibrate has slowly went dead over about a months time. ?

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    New batteries?

    Seriously though, do you mean it just gradually got weaker and weaker until it quit vibrating entirely? My first BlackBerry did that after a couple months, had to get it replaced by Verizon. You can try a factory reset, but my best guess is that this is hardware issue and nothing short of getting it replaced will fix it. If you are really technically inclined, you might be able to open it up and find the tiny electric motor that spins a tiny weight and replace it but I sure wouldn't, and I am a phone/IT technician.
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    On my Rezound my viberate is just LOUD... It's just how my phone was created I guess. It was like that ever since I bought it nearly a year ago

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