After the ICS update, my Rezound rebooted every 5 minutes on its own, so I did the factory reset and that fixed the issue. The internal memory was still there and nothing was lost except for the apps themselves. All of my settings, contacts, sms, etc, was properly backed up. Last Friday, my phone all of a sudden really bogged down and started restarting every 5 minutes again. I had to do another factory reset. I got to the bootloader screen just like I did after the ICS update, however, this time, my entire internal memory was wiped! There wasnít an option to keep the internal memory or wipe it, it just reset the phone. So now I only have pics/vids from the camera, music, and whatever other documents I had on my computer that I physically transferred to my phone on my external SD card. Anything that I pulled in from my phone is gone that saved to the internal memory by default. Is there a way to get that stuff back if it wasnít backed up onto my computer? Realistically I know itís gone for good, but maybe thereís a hope and a prayer out there to get all of that stuff back.

Is it a known issue that your internal memory gets wiped clean on a factory reset? I didnít think that happened from what Iíve read on here, unless you physically selected to have the memory deleted.