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Thread: Very laggy for the specs.

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    Very laggy for the specs.

    Hey folks,

    Don't know if you have noticed, but this phone seems to be increadibly laggy for the specs..... the thunderbolt and the incredible 2 seem to smoke this device when it comes to basic actions such as texting, web surfing, and menu browsing..... When I text it will lock up and then everything i typed with just blast appear onto the screen, usually messed up......

    I did order the device straight from the verizon website....Does that mean I got a refurb? I paid full price for it, and if this is the kind of performance I am to expect for this device, I will be returning it and going back to my droid 3, which now that I have rooted, runs circles around this rezound....

    I am not pleased...

    please help me

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    I too felt the device lagged. It is what lead me back to the nexus. Even running ics I found it still had that slight hesitation unlike the nexus or the razr.

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    This will all go away with Ics! That's one of the big things!

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    I rooted my Rezound and there isn't anything laggy about it, plays n64 emulated games just fine that didn't work well on my bionic, I just rooted it, took all the bloatware and renamed most of it to .bak rather than freeze or delete it and it doesn't run/disappeared from app menu, I get excellent battery life......my Rezound is blazing, no lag & I'm running the stock rom, I just followed the Amon Ra recovery directions, did the adb myself and cleared up the device settings to not have things running when I didn't give them permission too...something not everyone considers is when you do things like allow apps to sync anytime or have your settings backed up in real time with both google & verizon back up they are really shooting themselves in the foot, no reason to use verizon backup and google backup at the same time, no reason to let apps sync automatically etc but people do it and the bloatware is just making your device sluggish while dipping your battery in hot garlic lobster butter making you buy extended batteries and chasing the charger all day...I'm using the reg battery, it's fast, no lag & I use apps like ad free & permissions denied to make sure applications dont go off doing their own thing at the expense of my battery & data (I'm actually on the unlimited data but you get the idea...) My point is the Rezound is one of the best devices out there if not the best on Verizon but you've got to invest in your device, water makes a plant grow-you won't get flowers starring at it in frustration, good luck!


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