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Thread: Will we get zero shutter lag camera with ICS update?

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    Will we get zero shutter lag camera with ICS update?

    Heard ICS update is about a week or 2 away... will we get the zero shutter lag camera in the update?
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    Not likely.. That's part software part hardware and the ics leak certainly doesn't include it.

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    Man, my DX had horrible shutter lag. Hit the shutter, go make a sandwich, come back and hope it finally "shuttered". Pretty pleased with my Rezound's shutter lag (or lack there of) but zero would be real nice!
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    When you say zero shutter lag, are you referring to shutter lag or the fact that you can burst 20 photos in a row without taking your finger off the screen like the GNEX has? If it's the latter, the current stock Rezound camera already has that, although it takes a few steps to get to it and you can only take 3 shots in a row I think.

    The continuous photo taking gimic of the Nexus is IMO, just a gimic. A large percentage of photos you take in burst mode turn out to be blurry, mostly because you are moving the camera or your subject is moving. It really only works well with a high end camera or on pictures outdoors where you use a high F-stop. I posted an interesting link to a Rezound vs. Gnex camera thread which really points out the differences and the superiority of the Rezound camera.

    I would be interested to know if the actual shutter lag on the GNEX is superior. If it is, I can't believe it's that much. The Rezound's shutter lag is pretty minimal, especially for a phone camera.

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    I only know that as soon as I hit the button, my phone takes a photo. There is no lag that I can tell, and coming from an OG, this thing is blazingly fast! -now if I can only get a proper working phone.


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