Hi all,

I just recovered from a bad ROM flash that ended me up with a phone that wouldn't boot. Long story...

Anyway. I'd like to know if it's possible to get the phone back to it's original "out of the box" state when I bought it. I mean stock ROM, recovery, Sense UI, Radio, Kernel... everything, just like I never touched it. If so, how?

I also have two issues with my bootloader.

Since day-one, I haven't been able to boot into my bootloader without a battery pull. Vol-down+power just reboots the phone nomatter how long I hold it for. I usually push vol. down then power and hold both for about two seconds, then release them in reverse order. Works fine everytime, but only after a battery pull. Am I doing something wrong?

The other issue is fairly minor. In the process of recovering from the bad ROM flash, I had to relock and unlock the bootloader. Since then, "TAMPERED" appears at the top of the bootloader screen, just above * UNLOCKED *. Any ideas on what it means and how I can get rid of it?