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Thread: 3G Only on Rezound

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    3G Only on Rezound

    I have read a lot of posts concerning the recent data outages on Verizon. I am in the market for an upgrade and am considering the Rezound. However, I really don't want to get a phone that is without data coverage when I need it. I assume that 4G can be turned off on the phone? If so, how stable is the 3G only connection. Do you guys that own it lose 3G connectivity frequently or not at all? It seems like every phone is different in that area. 4g is spotty in my area; I have it at work but not at my house (per Verizon website).

    I am sure this has been discussed quite a bit; but it does seem confusing.
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    I dont live anywhere near a 4g area, and my 3g is solid. The only places I have trouble, are the same places where I had trouble with my D2, namely in the mountainous pass I drive to work. When I do go into a 4g area, as long as the network is stable (VZW's been having problems lately) I stay locked into 4g.

    4G can be turned off in the settings.
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    I've found my 4g to be better than my 3g as far as holding a signal. evdo/cdma I average about -97 whereas lte is averaging about -90 in my low reception neck of the woods. When I get into better reception areas they are both rock solid.
    An app called lte switch can be used to force the phone off if lte in times of Verizon lte outage.

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