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Thread: Notifications are Killing me! please help!!!

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    Notifications are Killing me! please help!!!

    I have had my phone for a few weeks and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to shut off a notification I am getting every 10-15 mins. It occurs when it goes to the lock screen I think. On vibrat, it gives two long vibrates then a short one. It usually then gives me the weather animations on the lock screen. I have into every app I can think of including weather and shut off notifications. I have gone into settings and shut them off as best I could. I am wondering if I can download a silint notification and set all my notification to that. I consider myself pretty savvy dealing with these things but now I am starting to wonder....Any help would be extremely appreciated by me and my wife that now hates my phone since it vibrates all night. I can't silence it as I am on call. As a work around I have installed an app that allows certain numbers to ring thru while phone is muted but this requires me to add certain number to th app One at a time. If someone else calls nothing happens. Not ideal. Thanks again!!
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    are there any notification icons in the status bar when this happens? If so, post a screen shot. Also have you played around in the Sound Settings and turning things on/off and trying different combos there?
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    Are you in a 4G area? Is your phone going in and out of 3g and 4g and vibrating when it does this?

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    Are you rooted and running any roms. I have ineffibillis rom and there is a setting in miktweaks that will kill the screen on/off sounds. Just a thought..good luck!
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    I agree with pickaxe300. Even in the stock rom there is a setting to make a sound when you lock and unlock the screen. I find the sound annoying so I turned it off. Now if it is happening every 10-15 minutes it almost sounds like there is something doing a sync every 15 minutes and notifys when it does. Not sure what app that would be. Did it just start or did it happen from day one?
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    I'm running stock, and I've had the same thing happen, drove me nuts! What I found was that FriendCaster/Facebook app was doing it, plus if I had a missed call and checked on it, somehow that was triggering the email notification. I would put the phone on standby, and the green LED would keep blinking until I check mail. The only thing I can suggest is go through everything and check off the Notifications on all of them. There's also an app in the market called "Quick Settings" that allows you to turn off types of alerts, like Ringer, Notification, Alarm volume, etc.


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