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Thread: Compare the Rezound to the Charge, please...

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    Question Compare the Rezound to the Charge, please...

    I have the Charge, I got it about a week after it was released. It was an "upgrade" from the Incredible, which is now being used by my husband. He loves it and teases me that he "has the superior phone". Sadly, I have to agree. The Charge was great for a while, but for the last few months, I have had nothing but problems with it. It freezes on me constantly and requires a battery pull to restart it, and then it takes 3-5 min. to restart. We are eligible for another upgrade and am leaning towards the Rezound. I have sworn off any Samsung phones after the problems I have had with this phone, not to mention the prolonged delay in the OS updates.

    I was wondering if anybody has experience with both the Charge and the Rezound and can give me the pros and cons of both. It sounds to me, from straight reviews of the Rezound, it is the best Droid out right now. But, that is what they said about the Charge...
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    Get the Rezound, you won't regret it. HTC makes better phones, and with some de-bloating the Rezound screams!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bozidar0 View Post
    Get the Rezound, you won't regret it. HTC makes better phones, and with some de-bloating the Rezound screams!

    Well if u liked ur old incredible then u will love the Rezound its like a incredible but on some super steroids lol.. And as comparing the charge to the Rezound well there is no comparison lol there both 4G that's about it rezound blows it away in absolutely everything else...... What reviews were u reading I never heard the charge being the best of anything ever I used that phone for a month and it was absolutely garbage till I got my trusty bolt back. Before u do anything I would send the charge in and get a warranty replacement if it's rebooting and has data problems then u can sell it as a new refurbished or keep for a back up...
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    I have also heard others get the rezound as a replacement for their charge. Could at least ask for options.
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    I used to have a droid charge for like a week....was nice for a while, but then it got all that battery drain and stuttered interfacing. The screen on the rezound is better, better 4G reception (in my area at least) and smoother flowing. Honestly, the Rezound is one of the best phone out there. Unless you get a dud, you can't go wrong with the rezound. There really isn't much that the other big phones out there have that the rezound doesn't. It's only missing the ICS 4.0 goodness. And that 4.0 is niiiiice.
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