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Thread: Played with the big three at Verizon yesterday

  1. Droid Ninja
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    Played with the big three at Verizon yesterday

    The Rezound is fast! Wow, opening a web page surprised me. Screen is very nice wasn't able to check it out in sun light.
    Felt good in the hand, except for the stupid anti-stealing lanyard. Camera was fast accurate and worked well.

    The Razr is fast perhaps not as fast as the Rezound. Web page didn't surprise me but was fast. Screen's (2x units) had the green cast, even when brightness set to max. Camera was fast but not very accurate, but not so much as a deal breaker. It still doesn't have a replaceable battery and it's too wide and light.

    For some reason I'm trying to force myself to dis-like the Bionic but I still kinda do. Fast as the Razr but not as fast as the Rezound. I like the screen yes it's pentile but even though I now see it, but it doesn't bother me. Camera 4 out of 5 times was fast but it did take it's time once in a while.
    Felt real good in the hand, except for the stupid lanyard.

    I can't help but like all these devices. I don't hate one, but I'm surprised how I don't like the hand feel with the Razr and how fast the Rezound was. Where is the stutter with the Rezound? A lot of people really like the Razr's hand feel.

    Looks like I stated the obvious,,,,
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    yes.. yes you did. lol.

    My two cents. Bionic is an impressive device no doubt, it does stutter occasionally I don't care what anyone says. Once you load it down with apps, it's there. the feel of it in my hand I love, it's like my OG but lighter (once I got use to the larger size, I'm referring in general to feel/quality of build). The screen on the bionic is barely up to par in most all categories and MORE than makes up for it in bright light situations. Don't make yourself hate it, and if you live, work, travel within, and generally do not leave 4G or go near 4G extended range zones... if you like the bionic pull the trigger. I've had no issues with my bionic on 4G except during outage times, its swapping back and forth and running on 3G in general that I run into issues. Even locked into CDMA doesn't fix the 3G data drop issues. Why its specifically 3G I have no idea. I honestly wonder if the network doesn't have trouble working with a SIM on 3G... that's not what it was designed for, and AT&T's 3g network with sims... speaks for itself. lol.
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    The camera on the rezound is amazing to say the least... or at least it surprised the heck out of me.

    I was going to get a Bionic but darn if it wasn't outdated in a heartbeat. For the cost of the new phones on amazon or via price match or even at discount through wherever, the Bionic wasn't even considered by me.

    I installed a ton of apps so far on my new Rezound and it hasn't slowed down one bit. I love it.. Even kinda solved my battery problem by disabling all the weather apps and disabling the auto sync feature. I notice the battery isn't draining nearly as fast. Oh, and the 4 g is amazing... At work I got something like 22 mb down speed but when I got home I managed over 30mb download. Feels great in my hand as well, not super light like other phones. Coming from an OG the weight felt right.

    Last, the Razr just didn't feel right in my hand. I love big screens, but the feel was just off, even for my large hands.


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