Has anyone else plugged their Rezound into a car charger as well as their stereo in the car and experienced audio noise (high pitched squeal, buzz, etc.)?

I noticed that it is only present while plugged into the car charger, disappears as soon as I unplug it. Normally this would convince me that it was an issue with the charger or my cars electrical system feeding the charger.

But I use the same charger and audio cable and plug in my Droid X and I don't hear any audible noise. The only thing that is different when I plug in the Droid X is that it is running through the OEM Motorola Car Dock, could that be filtering out the excess noise?

I will try later to plug in the Droid X direct and see if it makes a difference.

Anyone else having issues? I am trying to narrow it down to see if it is my phone or just the rezound in general, or one of many other possibilities.