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Thread: Which ROM for better bluetooth audio quality?

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    Which ROM for better bluetooth audio quality?

    I attempted to search for this but couldn't find anything specific to the Rezound, so here goes...

    I am considering unlocking, rooting, and ROMing my Rezound. My motivation for doing so is primarily to fix the issue with bluetooth audio being streamed from my phone to my car stereo at a low bit rate and consequently sounding like garbage. I know that it's the bluetooth on the phone and not my car because when I stream my iPod touch it sounds nearly identical to when I have the aux cable plugged in. When I switch between the aux cable and bluetooth on the Rezound, there's a noticeable difference. From what I've read it's a low bitpool setting that prevents the bluetooth audio from streaming at a higher quality. So, I'm hoping that a new ROM will fix this annoyance (and save my ears).

    1. Am I correct in assuming that unlocking and rooting are pre-requisites for installing a ROM? (If not, are there disadvantages to only installing a ROM?)

    2. Which ROM(s) have altered this bitpool setting to allow for higher quality audio streaming?

    Thanks for your help!
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    In answer to your questions... Yes unlocking is a prerequisite to ROM'ing. Rooting however is not. As far as I know none of the ROMs out there enhance BT streaming on the Rezound, it was broken for most of the time I had the Rezound. Make sure to check out the ROM you're loading before you flash otherwise it might not even have working BT. For more info on unlocking/rooting/ROM'ing check the thread in my sig.
    Helpful Rezound Links:
    Guide to Unlocking, Rooting, ROM'ing, and FAQ

    Did you know: You can upgrade your Rezound to ICS without rooting?

    Fun Rezound Fact: The antennas for the Rezound are in the battery cover.

    Don't forget to backup your flash player install before they remove it from the Android Market.

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