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Thread: Droid Incredible Spontaneous Hard Reboot

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    Droid Incredible Spontaneous Hard Reboot

    After last OS upgrade, Incredible has starting going into the bootup menu. While I was traveling in France recently, it did a hard reboot, all by itself, making the phone useless even for Wi-Fi or photos. I worked, via email, with the HTC folks but none of their remedies allowed me to use the phone's other features. Had to go through a complete reset of the phone when I returned to USA.

    Now the darn thing has done a hard reset again. Seems to happen when the battery needs recharged and I don't see that message quickly enough to plug it in. Anyone else having the problem? Any solutions if you are? I have been very disappointed in this phone from Day 1 and it keeps confirming by original opinion, but I'm trying hard to find something positive about it since I have to live with it for two years.
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    I would get it exchanged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miuaiga View Post
    Now the darn thing has done a hard reset again. Seems to happen when the battery needs recharged and I don't see that message quickly enough to plug it in. Anyone else having the problem? A
    You start getting a warning at 15%, then it keeps warning you until its dead... if your away from the phone so long you aren't noticing it, maybe you should stick it on a charger instead "since your away and not mobile with it anyway?"

    If you are mobile then you must not be charging it when you sleep.
    General rule of thumb... when I sleep, the phone gets charged.....

    If your lifestyle doesn't fit that... get a mobile charger for your car... if that doesn't work get a 3500mah battery "like I did" from Seidio.... you'll definitely get all the battery life you need till your ready to go to bed when you can charge it.

    I have had mine randomly reboot on its own "with a good charged battery" for no good reason I can put my thumb on.... I assume from time to time it needs a genuine reboot so it does, since I never reboot it on purpose for days.

    I"ve had my phone do it twice in one day, yet go for several weeks with no problems.... mine doesn't do it enough to sweat it.

    If your having frequent reboots, it could be poorly written apps, live backgrounds, or memory issues.

    I have "app 2 SD" installed.. I have 7 pages full of app icons and I still have 587mb free in my phone because most everything is installed on my SD card "via app 2 SD". "except live wallpapers... they need to be on the phone".

    Having lots of memory gives grace for lots of errors and trashy apps that need lots of elbow room because they don't play well with other apps.
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