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Thread: Still No Software Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crypt92 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Emtronics View Post
    I got the DINC because I was sick and tired of the lame O/S at Blackberry on my Storm 1. I used to hang in their forums with baited breathe waiting on an O/S upgrade because the darn phone really needed it. It had too many issues.
    That being said, the DINC I got already out performs any phone I have ever had and I enjoy the functions and the capabilities it has with 2.1. Froyo or 2.2 is just icing on the cake but I'll be damned if I hang on anyone's prediction if and when an upgrade comes. Did that way too much over at Crackbery.

    Enjoy the phone. If you get an upgrade, then so be it.
    lmao i had the storm and as i can recall it had one major update which made it worse. Because of that lame ass OS it made me more appreciative of firmware updates even if takes forever to come especially this occasion. I'm sure after the wait ppl won't care.
    Funny you should mention Blackberry and their updates because I see the exact same thing happening over here with the Droid 1.

    You have a group of people (vast majority) who love it. You have a group of people (vocal minority) who hate it . And then you got the people who haven't received it yet listening to the vocal minority that are afraid to get it.

    You also have the same stages which I've discussed in many post. 1. Anticipation of the new update. 2. Receipt and praise of the new update. 3. Anger and resentment about the new update (most of this is from people who don't understand how their phone works). 4. Acceptance 5. Moving on and talking about the next update. We got to get to stage 4 to get to 5 so lets not go there yet. I do believe however you will see another updated for the Droid and they are not even close to being done with the Incredible.
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    Yea its a funny thing these updates. If the really vocal folks don't get it on the first day then its a lie and a conspiracy and don't believe anything. There is a fella on the Verizon forums and he has started 3 or 4 threads about how Verizon is lying about this update and anyone who says they got it is lying and on and on and on, all because he hasn't gotten it yet. Just be patient people it will come, people with orig. droids waited 2-3 weeks for theirs from when it first started. Just because you haen't gotten it yet doesn't mean it isn't happening. If your that worried about having froyo that bad you can always use the leaked RUU or just go ahead and root and pick from a handful of roms avaliable.
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    I finally got tired of waiting and all the rumors & bs . I downloaded the 8/26 leaked RUU on my xp netbook and flashed it. It's the same update we were waiting on , and now the waiting is over.30 minutes later I was up and running and back to my life , not waiting for vzw to send it to me. Runs great and no bugs.

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    I got the Froyo 2.2 update on 8/28 at 11:30 AM, and it Rocks, and no you do not need to keep checking your update notification status in the settings menu, it will in BIG BOLD letters on your homescreen when the update hits your phone, I guess I was one of those lucky early ones, FLash 10.1 is sweet, phone is much smoother and faster, new Amazon MP3 app, you can also move your apps from main drive to SD card,Flahslight is also sweet, uses the camera LED bulbs and is bright as hell "3 light settings", did I mention that Flash 10.1 is sweet "yes Steve Jobs" Flash works with smartphones, now it's a complete mini pc in my pocket,they also added the different color scrolling lines on the screen in the Live Wallpapers "the one initially seen on the Nexus One", and the Droid intro instead of the Verizon logo intro which is also sweet. No more pressing the menu button to unlock the phone, only the swipe function works now.
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    I really would like to have the OTA update but I can wait. Heck, I had to wait about 3 weeks after I ordered the Incredible to get it in my hands so I can wait a bit more before I get the update.
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