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Thread: Just got my Incredible

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    Just got my Incredible

    Well after waiting ALL MONTH, I finally got my Incredible. Was ordered on 6/3 and I received it today, so its been a while
    To those who ordered around the same time as me and got stuck with a delay, I'm sorry guys
    I feel bad for those who signed up AFTER me because this screen really is awesome, and I'd be pissed if I got stuck with an LCD screen instead of this sexy AMOLED after all that wait.

    The device is pretty well polished, I'm loving HTC Sense, and the feel and snappiness of the phone. However, I'm really worried about the screen, gonna run out and get some protectors for it in the AM.

    Anyway, my first annoyances with the device/android are:

    - STILL no xvid/divx support!
    - STILL no port of VLC or Mplayer to compensate
    - It took me an hour to get a working mp4 conversion out of handbrake
    - No EQ in the music player?! DAMN IT GOOGLE!
    - Most apps can't read internal memory, instead files need to be on SD card.
    - Annoyingly frustrating process rooting, too lazy to keep at it tonight

    Any feedback, solutions to my frustrations would be great
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    I can help you with your first item. Check out rockplayer at android forums I think. Get the seidio case for your phone. Congrats. I'm waiting for an easier process before I root myself as well.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll download that player later.


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