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Thread: How do you have your menu set up?

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    How do you have your menu set up?

    What apps do you have on the two blank, open screens and on the home page? I need ideas because because I have downloaded a ton of apps and not sure how to categorize them. Also, is there a way to force more than eight apps on the home screen?
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    I'm a new DI owner and having this dilema, too. I have sooo many apps but I don't know how to sort/categorize them.
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    thats like asking, how should i organize my underwear drawer

    the main screen for me is phone and message related..

    main screen.. .browser, gmail, handcent (sms), market, settings, maps, pwr control widget, and picture frame in the middle of my kid..

    right screen:

    two folders, starred contacts, games, photos, camcorder, camera, pandora, gstrings (guitar tuner), youtube... small music widget

    next screen to the right: bookmarks widget

    next to the right: empty

    left of home: small calendar widget, and downloaded frequently used apps, (acar, ak notepad, pdanet, keeper, engadget, Astro, wikimobile)

    clock icon for my alarm, footprints

    next left: big weather widget

    next left: nothing.
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    Try one of the many home replacement apps on the market. Lots of them allow more screens and many allow additional icons.
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    We have 7 screens, that should be more than enough imo.

    As for my setup I have the home screen dedicated to the power control widget at the top, clock/weather in the middle, and my 4 most frequently used apps at the bottom. Two screens dedicated to the HTC mail widget for my work and primary pop3 account. One screen for the calendar widget taking up 3 rows and then the news widget below. One screen for the HTC photo frame widget. One screen for the media widgets youtube, pandora, and music. Last available screen for 13 apps and screenmodewidget and battery meter widget.

    As you can see most of my screens are for widgets. This seems to work for me so far but it may change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaunF View Post
    I'm a new DI owner and having this dilema, too. I have sooo many apps but I don't know how to sort/categorize them.

    I use a program called apps organizer. Works great. You can sort all your apps into categories and put a icon on your homescreen which opens another window with the apps in that category. Works really well in keeping your homescreens organized.

    Here is the code to scan

    More info can be found here:
    Apps Organizer (Apps Organizer)
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    Re: How do you have your menu set up?

    I haven't really got into fixing mine up just yet...

    I have the stock clock with apps: internet, voice search, advanced task killer, Astro, camera, camcorder, photos, people, music, Pandora,shazam,youtube, battle.net authenticator, wow armory, bank of America, market, navigation, barcode scanner, tapatalk. Right 1 is text messages. Right 2 is the photo album widget. Left 1 is favorites. Left 2 is loaded with games and apps for my three year old.

    I use an app called more icons widget. It let's you put four icons in place of one icon of stock size.

    I just got ShapeWriter and it is taking some getting used to that is for sure.

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    Do you really need more then 7 screens? Is it really that hard to hit the app drawer button? I really don't understand this question, the whole point of customizing is to make it yours.

    Keep the apps you use the most on the home screen and do what you want with the rest. It took me some work to fill my 7 screens (and some widgets) and I still don't use all the apps I have on my screens all the time.

    Remember, with one touch of the lower left button, you have instant access to all apps on your phone. Which by the way is quicker and easier then swiping 2 or three times to get to another screen.
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    If you want to put more than 8 shortcuts on a screen just add a folder and you can put however many you want in there.


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