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Thread: Please help

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    Angry Please help

    Last wednesday I sold my Incredible on ebay. The phone was only about a month old as advertised on ebay. I had a few issues at first with the buyer wanted to pay me cash which I thought was shady...The buyer sent payment through paypal and wanted the phone sent asap. Before mailing the phone I cleaned it checked the battery dusted the inside made sure the phone was off, and of course everything was back to factory settings and cleared. Mailed the phone usps on thursday. Today I get an email from the buyer via ebay that he got the phone saturday and was pleased that it was in excellent condition, with no cosmetic damage,and it activated perfectly through verizon. however he claims that when he was downloading apps it power cycled a few times...he let it go thinking it was a fluke, but according to him it power cycled again today a few times in a row when using gps and while downloading. He now wants a refund claiming the phone is unreliable and broken.
    Now i had this phone for one month and NEVER had a problem. Not one glitch not one power cycle ever i didn't even know what that was until i googled it. Now my concern is he is filing a claim against me but how can i prove the phone was perfect when i sold it? I had an incredible before the one I sold that began having problems and powering off after I downloaded taskkiller, so from experience, I asked him to remove any suspicious apps and do a factory reset and see what happens before filing a claim against me..I guess my main question is how can a phone that worked perfectly for a month and was new, only used by me for a month and never had a problem suddenly start power cycling multiple times when someone new activates it? how can I prove it has nothing to do with me?
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    Make sure SD is formatted FAT32.

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