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Thread: Anyone here Leave the Thunderbolt for this phone? I May..

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    Considering this phone, Would like some inside info!

    Considering this phone, I have the Thunderbolt, I really like HTC. Prior phones were the OG droid 1, Droid X, X2, Thunderbolt, Samsung Charge, BACK to thunderbolt and now possibly the DINC4g. I am a debating the DINC4g, The Razr Maxx and the Rezound. Can any of you offer me any insight as to why I should choose this phone? Maybe one of you has been in my shoes with your decision? I am tired of the HUGE phones that arent pocket friendly. I hear the Razr is fragile (I dont like that) I hear the Rezound is heavy, not sure that;s too much of an issue. I'm pretty Android savy by now, so I understand how to make these batteries last all day. what else?? Oh, is there a message indicator led? What other things am I gaining with this phone? Your reviews are welcomed! Thank y ou in advance!
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    I've gone through the original Droid, & the droid x before getting this phone. I like the size, the speed and ICS. I havent found a way to change the colors of the message light indicator, but other than that, I don't have any complaints.
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    I'm coming from the DINC2 and before that had the Droid 2 and Droid 2 Global. After my experience with the D2 and D2G I swore off Motorola phones. The DINC2 never let me down and only recently did I decide to upgrade to a 4g phone. Instead of going with my gut and sticking with HTC I decided to listen to all the hype and purchase an S3. I will say that the S3 is one of the fastest and smoothest phone I have ever used, however the size and cheap build quality left me questioning my decision. In addition I felt like I could only get 2-3 bars max even when I was in very good 4g locations. And I would also notice my reception dropping down to 3G occasionally even when standing in the same place. After questioning my decision for a couple days I went back and traded it in for the DINC4g.
    I can honestly tell you that this phone is exactly what you'd expect from HTC. Personally I think it's one of Verizon's top phones, however because of the "smaller" screen size and the fact that it isn't one of HTC's One series phone, it got looked over.
    In areas where I had 2-3 bars with the S3 I'm holding strong at 4 bars of 4G with the HTC. I haven't had any connection issues and the call quality is the best I've experienced with any cell phones. The speed of the phone is amazing and I haven't experienced any lag at all. The build quality is another thing I'm impressed with. The phone isn't too heavy , but it's just heavy enough to make it feel like it is a quality product. I've only owned the phone for a couple days now but would happily suggest this phone to anyone who is not interested in trying to fit a tablet into their pocket.
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    Switched back to HTC DINC 4G
    I made the switch from the Tbolt and love the smaller profile. Also, the feature set is a bit more advanced compared to the Tbolt.
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    I own both (one for work and one for personal). The battery and transitions blow the bolt out the water (though the battery life on my bolt is better since I put a rezound battery in it). If you like HTC, you will love DInc4g...this coming from an original DIncowner as well...the size is perfect in my opinion and performance to notch


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